My Mother Taught Me...

I owe my interest in entertaining and fabulous parties to my mother. Family and friends were invited over often and she made them feel special with her warm hospitality. She presented her home cooked food in a stylish way and decorated our home with theme inspired accents. She was the life of the party! A defining moment in my life was when my mom started to have serious health issues that left her paralyzed and unable to walk. Even though she was confined to her bed for over 20 years, her tradition of parties was carried on and was a way for her to see the people she loved. Parties were the best medicine that my mom needed the most.

As mother to a daughter and son, the oldest of six siblings, and aunt to 14 nieces and nephews, gatherings continue to be a way to celebrate milestones both big and small. I love planning parties for my family and friends and yet it has been a lifelong dream to become a professional event and wedding planner. I am excited to launch this next phase of my life. My husband, Jerry, is by my side and also eager for new projects and clients.

My mom taught me so many lessons both in and out of the kitchen. I think about my mom often and especially today, on the anniversary of her passing. My first blog photo is a special moment with my mom from my wedding day, one of the best days of my life.

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