Cooking With Love: Secret to Amazing Gravy

My son loves gravy. It is a vital item on our Thanksgiving menu and we always make extra. The most amazing gravy with starts homemade chicken stock. We've watched Ina Garten make her chicken stock recipe many times but had dismissed her tips that homemade stock is 1. worth the time and 2. makes recipes better. She's right: homemade chicken stock is makes a huge difference. Our tips... We use chicken wings and drumsticks instead of whole chickens. We substitute dill for a few sprigs of rosemary. Most importantly, we brown the onions and the chicken. Start with the onions first with a drizzle of olive oil and cook until browned. Remove the onions from the pot and then work in batches to brown the chicken pieces. The pieces are easier to handle than the full roasting chickens. Once the chicken is browned but not fully cooked, remove the chicken and deglaze the pot with one cup of white wine. The browned onions, chicken and little crispy bits at the bottom of the pot have wonderful flavor. Then add all of the ingredients to the pot from the original recipe and follow the remaining directions. We make a batch or two of this in November and then freeze for Thanksgiving gravy and winter soups. Check out our pinterest board for more Thanksgiving ideas.

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